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Our Laser Hair Growth Brush use the latest infrared radiation thermal technology to bring your hair back to its fullest strength.

  1. The soft infrared of the wavelength can help you enhance your blood circulation, so that the oxygen and nutrients can be sent to hair follicle, to prevent hair loss.
  2. Effectively stimulate the hair follicle, can activate 83% hair follicle in a brief period of sleep, in order to achieve the effect of reducing hair loss and hair regeneration.
  3. Regulate oil secretion, promote hair health, improve hair quality.

Conclusion from National Library of Medicine on low level laser therapy as treatment for androgenetic  alopecia: 

"The majority of studies covered in this review found an overall improvement in hair regrowth, thickness, and patient satisfaction following LLLT therapy. Although we should be cautious when interpreting these findings, LLLT therapy seems to be a promising monotherapy for AGA and may serve as an effective alternative for individuals unwilling to use medical therapy or undergo surgical options."

Also, the massaging nature of the comb will feel great on your hair!

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