You starting losing your hair...what are your options?

We recommend having blood work done for the very slim chance it may be a health issue. If no abnormalities are discovered and you want to try to regrow your hair, there are treatment options.

It's best to start the treatment options as soon as you notice your hair loss. The earlier you start the treatment options, the better chance the follicles can be revived.

Minoxidil (Rogaine®can be an effective method for some and should be tried by all hair loss sufferers. It is a topical solution that can be found at your local pharmacy. It can take months for results and the results really do vary by person. It may slow down your hair loss, help regrow hair, or have no effect at all.

Finasteride (Propecia®) is a DHT (the hormone that causes hair loss) blocker. The medication is taken orally and is only available for men. The medication can have massive side effects(such as impotence) and the patient should decide if it worth a try. 

Low Laser Level Therapy (LLLT) is a light treatment administered by wearing a LLLT cap at home for around 20 minutes a day. The National Library of Medicine found that "The majority of studies covered in this review found an overall improvement in hair regrowth, thickness, and patient satisfaction following LLLT therapy".

We have developed our own system that you can find here.

Regrowth Shampoos/Hair Masks: It is best to replace your current shampoo/conditioner with a formula specifically designed for reviving hair follicles. 

We have picked out the best hair growth shampoos/conditioners here.

Hair Growth Oils: These essential oils are made from ingredients that are proven to regrow hair and restore your hair's natural beauty.

You can view our oils here.

Good luck on your hair growth process and feel free to email if you have any questions about hair regrowth.

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