Top 5 Myths About Hair Loss

I heard these myths all throughout my childhood and even more frequently once I started to lose my hair. Well, here I am to debunk the top 5 myths about hair loss.

1. The Mother Myth

There's a common myth that hair loss comes from the mother's side of the family. This is false and male/female pattern baldness comes from both sides of your genetic makeup.

2. The "Old Man" or "Old Woman" Myth 

While hair loss is more common for older men and women, it can happen to young men/women as well. And it is even more important for younger men/women to take action right when they notice the extra hair on the comb. According to the American Hair Loss Association, 66% of American men will experience some form of male pattern baldness by age 35, and about 85% of men have significantly thinning hair by age 50. Approximately 40 percent of women suffer from hair loss. By age 60, approximately 80 percent of women suffer some degree of noticeable hair loss.

3. The Hat Myth

We have clients who say they want to wear a hat to cover up the balding, but don't want to make the balding worse. Well, this is inaccurate. Androgenetic Alopecia is a genetic disease and you are going to lose your hair regardless of your hat wearing. So if a hat makes you feel more comfortable, go for it.

4. The Testosterone Myth 

Sorry to break it to you macho men, but hair loss isn't caused by "having too much testosterone". Androgenetic Alopecia  comes down to how your hair follicles react with a hormone called DHT.

5. The Stress Myth

Emotional strain can cause short term hair loss. However, your hair will come back when you are no longer stressed. Male/female pattern baldness is a genetic disorder that doesn't relate to stress levels. 

Bonus Myth: You Should Just Shave It

I can't even begin to tell you how many people would tell me this when I started losing my hair. And while certain people (such as the Rock or Jason Statham) can rock the bald look, not everybody wants to be bald. 

So if you would like to try to regrow your hair, please check out a list of treatment options.

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