My Story of Losing My Hair in My Teens

This story was submitted by one our clients, Ryan.

I remember being 17 and seeing all that hair in the tub after taking the shower. I would ignore it and continue on in my day just assuming I’m stressed or something.

I go to the hairdresser to get my hair cut and she tells me that I’m balding. I cannot believe my ears so I tell my Mom and she takes me to get blood work done. Everything is normal and the doctor tells me I have been unfortunately struck with an early case of male pattern baldness.

So I accept my inevitable fate and I go back to the hairdresser to get a haircut more suitable to a receding hairline. I also start using rogaine and a shampoo specifically made for hair loss. These two products slow down my hair loss tremendously. I didn't want to try finasteride due to the possible side effects.

I was fortunate to have very thick hair and I made it through the next two years without my balding being completely noticeable.

But right around the time I turned 20, my balding was getting much more noticeable. I started to get really insecure about it and started making putting on a hat in the morning a daily ritual. And I dreaded times when I couldn’t wear a hat, such as work, and my confidence was much lower during these times.

I knew I needed a solution for these times and that’s when I decided to use hair fibers to cover up the balding and the product does a great job at making your hair look thicker. The only problem is this creates insecurities of its own and you begin to obsess if the hair fibers are noticeable or they might wipe off somewhere.

The hair fibers got me through the next two years and I would use the product any time I couldn’t wear a hat.

However, I got to the point that the fibers became such a pain that I needed a long term solution.

I kept getting Facebook ads for this laser hair growth cap. I always thought it looked so goofy and would just kind of laugh at the ads.

Nevertheless, I’m basically desperate at this point so I decide to give it a try. It cost me around $1,500 which was a little on the expensive side. I justified it by calculating that’s actually less than I was paying for all the other products throughout the years.

And what do you know, after around 6 months I started regrowing my hair. This was such a relief and I felt this surge of confidence come back.

Fair warning, my hair loss isn’t completely gone, but the helmet has made it so much better. I don't always feel the need to wear a hat or dump hair fibers in my hair.

I want to thank Hairvyo for helping me feel more confident in my hair.

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