Do Laser Growth Caps Actually Work?

Short answer...yes they do.

There isn't any magical cure for hair loss, but the laser hair growth caps offer a proven solution to regrow hair. 

The National Library of Medicine did a test involving 680 patients, 444 males and 236 females. Nine out of 11 studies assessing hair count/hair density found statistically significant improvements in both males and females following LLLT treatment. Additionally, hair thickness and tensile strength significantly improved in two out of four studies. Patient satisfaction was investigated in five studies, and was overall positive.

This led to the conclusion that "LLLT therapy seems to be a promising monotherapy for AGA and may serve as an effective alternative for individuals unwilling to undergo surgical options." Lasers Surg. Med. 49:27-39, 2017.

How Does the Laser Cap Work?

laser hair growth cap

What Entails When Purchasing the Laser Cap?

The Laser Cap will feel as simple as wearing a hat and can be worn under most hats. The cap also comes with a portable power pack so you can move around, cook, clean, watch tv or even use it at work while wearing the cap. The laser cap is very discreet and people won't even be able to tell you are wearing something under the hat!

You also only need to only wear the cap for 30 minutes around 3/4 times a week.

In comparison, the laser helmets on the market are heavy on your head and look like you are wearing some odd futuristic device. And then the laser combs can be quite effective, but require much more work to get the lasers to your hair.

If you are interested in more information on the laser caps, be sure to check out our affordable and high quality laser hair growth systems.

And if you don't want to wear a cap, be sure to check out our laser comb.

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